Research Paper: Cooperation Council Charter

Sample Research Paper

The charter known as the cooperation council charter was signed by all the member states, including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. The charter listed cultural, social and political and economic reasons along with commonality of religion, language and customs for this union.

The articles in the charter defined the need to develop independence and self-sustainability in political, economic and financial affairs (Béatrice Maalouf, 2006).

Since the creation of the council, the GCC has gradually tried to instill its authority in the region and work for change for the betterment of the member states. The council states have developed at a remarkable pace in the fields of media technology, developmental projects, financial institutions and security of the region (Béatrice Maalouf, 2006).


The first visible of the impact of the unified common GCC policy was visible globally during theIraqinvasion ofKuwaitin 1990. The council made possible it’s liberation, through the help of the world’s help, The council called for a meeting of the organization of the Islamic conference (OIC) and this lead to GCC requesting  for and then passing resolution in the united nations security council, UNSCR 660 (1990).

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