Sample Research Paper

Almost every year we hear news about certain school shootings by children with previously unknown violent history. Sometimes we hear of people committing violence against their own families sometimes even to the extent of murder. The question then arises, what makes these people commit such acts. Is it that the person had an aggressive and violent personality? Did he become this way because of bad influences from his surroundings? Was there anything in his upbringing that led him to commit such crimes? All these questions are related to human nature and behavior.

The human body’s eventual form in an adult can be considered a result of intrinsic factors, those built in him like parental genes and extrinsic factors, those which are due to events in his upbringing, like how many scars he got while playing rugby or his nutritional intake.  Just like the human body, scientists think that human behavior and personality also develop in the same way i.e. it is a combined result of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. There are two schools of thought on this. One believes that it is the personalities are received like genetic traits, transferred from parents to the offspring, along with parental teachings. Another school of thought believes that personality development is an ongoing process which has more to do with persons own perception of the environment rather than the environment that he is actually in. (Cervone. 2001)

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