Research Paper: Context Followed by Plato in “Republic”

Sample Research Paper

Plato is suggesting that if a person that is not a genius or one with above average intelligence, is temperate concerning the following of inordinate desires, he can compete with the genius who is not observing moderation most of the time when it comes to being elected as the guardian of a state.  Similarly, a person who is fearful about taking up a position that appears right or just – if, in fact, he can observe temperance to a large extent – may very well compete with the brave that have not yet mastered themselves. Temperance is recognized as one of the bases for solid leadership or good citizenship, if not the most vital foundation.  Since moderation has to do with one’s own soul or self alone, it is simpler for the less intelligent or the less brave (in Plato’s framework) to practice it.  As a matter of fact, anybody can practice moderation.  The rich can control their spending on products and services that they do not really need, for instance.  Likewise, the poor can control themselves and compete with the rich who were naturally endowed with more opportunities to meet the remaining requirements of solid leadership and good citizenship.  The poor may not have had the financial resources to educate their children.  Moreover, they may not have felt socially and politically empowered enough to offer one hundred percent support to the right cause when it involves danger.  In the case of temperance, however, there is no such discrimination.  Everyone may partake of it in order to enjoy supremacy.

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