Research Paper: Contemporary crime

Sample Research Paper

There are three aspects of deviance that contemporary crime manipulates, linguistic, social, and generic and the findings from experiences that play a role in preventing or causing contemporary criminal collaboration. Linguistic norms, the boundaries of acceptable social behavior, and the relevant generic conventions can play a potential role in preventing contemporary criminal collaboration from happening.

In order to study the sociology of criminology we need to focus on different schools of thoughts, different theories of sociology on crimes  where we get the actual reasons to the act of criminology and the impact if it on our society. “If we take a global rather than a strictly domestic view, it becomes evident even crime of the organized kind has a long if not necessarily noble heritage. The word ‘thug’ dates to early 13th-century India, when Thugs, or gangs of criminals, roamed from town to town, looting, and pillaging. Smuggling and drug-trafficking rings are as old as the hills in Asia and Africa, and extant criminal organizations in Italy and Japan trace their histories back several centuries…” (Sullivan, 2002).the history of crime and the impact of crimes on society has been an area that is till not explored properly because of the secret nature of this social problem. “Piracy and banditry were to the pre-industrial world what organized crime is to modern society” (Paul Lunde, Organized Crime, 2004).  We also need to look at them on a smaller scale which is the local perspective and then broadening our view to the global aspects of it.

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