Sample Research Paper

Construction should take part in a way that the system be modulated and not completely transformed in a new building. This will save money, time, and Energy and man power.  When construction is being carried out the hotel should stay active.

It should be left in running according to the system that is already in place and along with that the construction work should continue.  New rooms should be constructed and the quality of new room should be better than the one already there but if there is not enough non-constructed area then Hotel’s look and the concept of congestion should be taken care of.  The major refurbishment that is planned, together with the opening of a new banqueting suite, an a la carte restaurant, a leisure club, a full pottering service and extensive lounge / room service operation needs a good set of building construction or transformation of the existing one in something like these. In staffing terms, there will be need of extensive improvement in their services because the change that is planned is a drastic one. It might as well change this hotel all over from the beginning with may be just name remaining the same. But doing all this if one fact is taken care of that the way some of the building that is in place and is fulfilling the purpose is getting to be left stay back similarly the staff that is able to work with us should stay back too. It will help allocate the resources wisely when the ones already in use are utilized properly.

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