Research Paper: Constitution of USA

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The Constitution of the United States of America is deemed as supreme law. All government and non-government organizations, courts of law and citizens are required to follow and adhere to the legal commandments stated in the Constitution.

The clauses remain the same for all citizens irrespective of their socioeconomic class. Therefore, it is imperative that every resident ofUnited States knows the rights rendered to him by the Constitution. This way, he will be in a better position to abide by the ruling of the supreme law.

One who reads and studies closely the full explanation in the text will discover that each clause or word in the Constitution was carefully designed to protect the individual — his life, his liberty, and his property…. His government is not his master, as the king or dictator has always been, but his servant. (“We the People of theUnited States”, 2006)

Despite the rights and the freedom granted to the nationals ofUnited States in the Constitution, they are often deprived of the promised liberty. Whether it is the law enforcement agencies or the government or the opposition parties, the people often feel suppressed and stifled. The critics of the Constitution raise their voices in this regard and bring into limelight the alleged loopholes or ambiguities in the supreme law. Those in power can manipulate the weakly stated clauses in their own interest.

In so many instances, fueled by greed, avarice, and self-aggrandizement, Our Elected Servants have subverted the Principles of the Constitution and Its strictures on the limitation of Government. (“We the People of theUnited States”, 2006)

It is vital to understand how the rights of the people of the United States are actually or allegedly infringed upon. Knowing the Constitution is not enough; it is equally essentially important to realize how the rights to the citizens granted can be protected.

The Constitution, undoubtedly, stands in favor of the residents of the United States and protects their rights. Nonetheless, it is usually those in power who maneuver the laws in their own interest to attain their goals.

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