Research Paper: Conflict resolving Issues; a Narration

Sample Research Paper

Whenever one is heading towards a confrontation or an enforcement of one’s views it is very important to look at the relationship you have with your opponent. At times anger goes to a peak where it becomes very difficult get yourself stop in the middle of a confrontation and remind yourself the relation you have with your opponent or the set of obligations you have towards that person so it is always very helpful to understand and determine your limits. Then at time if it is someone very near and dear then the feeling arises that why am I finding it difficult to have that person with me the same lines of thinking and that rages one in anger, then that complicates the problem as Segal, J.& Jafee, J.  have well said in their content in their article “Relationship stress triggers knee-jerk fight or flight responses that make us feel like running or fighting –but not much of anything else”. With me, my senior co-worker was having a confrontation on an issue that I thought I was right at. For me to have that feeling going that my senior was wrong and she badly needed to understand the situation and get back to what was right I had to go through  a lot for a more than a month’s time.

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