Research Paper: Conclusion; Reluctant Fundamentalist

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The ending of the Reluctant Fundamentalist is rather ambiguous and left on the reader’s discretion. Changez’s monologue ends and the reader found the shadowy American who’s probably agitated over what he has heard from Changez and the bleak surroundings.As the night gets darker, the American gets vexed even further until Changez walks him off to his hotel only to be followed by the burly waiter at the restaurant where they both spent their evening. The novel ends abruptly when the American draws ostensibly a weapon from his inner pockets as he sees the foreboding waiter creeping in the shadows following them. It is usually presumed that the American is an undercover agent either from FBI or CIA as he is acutely alert of his environment and every motion around him. Changez even alludes to his “foreigners sense of being watched” at the beginning of the novel as his guest flinches recoil at every shadow (p.19). the hint of American carrying a weapon is established at the very beginning of the novel when he reaches out for his inner pocket instinctively at the sight of the intimidating waiter which Changez innocently mistake for the American reaching for his wallet (p.3). The second assumption that the readers make is that the American draws his alleged weapon out so that he could terminate Changez who he believes has turned into a fundamentalist

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