Nothing gives a company better competitive advantage than hiring the best of your competitors employees. Sometimes other companies’ layoff employees or closing of a regional office which makes the availability of talent plentiful for you and hiring redundant employees will help you to obtain insider information about your competitors. Although these employees may be reluctant to share trade secrets, they might impart professional knowledge and expertise which can add to your competitive edge. Another great competitive advantage may be the acquisition of new clients because clients sometimes base their patronage on personal contacts, and if the personal contact is working for you, such clients might automatically follow them and start doing business with your company.
Capitalize on your newly acquired personal knowledge to beat your competition by becoming certified or obtaining special insurance for the creation of individuality and the achievement of distinction of your professional brand. Proudly show your recent accomplishments and achievements on your websites and calling cards and discuss the benefits that this recent acquisition can make to your customers. People have the tendency to trust and highly trained professional and are more comfortable in doing business with them. Make sure that your clients are aware of your new acquisitions and the competitive advantages that they can obtain from their professional expertise and knowledge.

Be sure that all your competitors and your clients know of your new and professional acquisitions.  The value and ways of gaining competitive are often the topics of discussion in places where politicians and economists try to promote their country’s businesses. Competitive advantage can be any product or service that customers want and the competition cannot equal. Previously price was the main factor for gaining and retaining competitive advantage, but with most economies becoming more service oriented, business leaders in Europe and other parts of the world are realizing that people now need high-quality service through a better educated and trained workforce that has a better work attitude.

Economies need to identify and repair weaknesses that are helping their competitors from other parts of the world. Explained in a simple manner, culture means the behavior and principles which direct the consumer behavior of people in any given society or community. The competitive culture of organizations are taken from their objectives and values and its history, current status and how effectively it manages its human and material resources whereas national culture means the values and beliefs of a society or country and the varying factors that influence its competitive advantages.

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