Research Paper: Comparison of Philosophies on Religion

Sample Research Paper

Tillich and Mircea, both, focus on the ideology of manifestation. According to Hummel (1995), they both “base their ideas of religion on the manifestation of the holy or the sacred” (p. 256). Tillich, in his book on Dynamics of Faith, has raised the concept of one God.  Hummel has criticized him for taking the view that all religions and “manifestation” exist because of a sole supreme authority without providing any concrete supporting evidence with it. The critic refers to Tillich to a “theologian” and states that Eliade always denied being a “theologian”, however, his “assumptions” and the premise on which he has based his philosophy of sacred and profane are very similar to that of Tillich. By theologian, Hummel means that Tillich presumed that the primary Christianity concept of Unity of God is applicable to all religions and is the truth (Hummel, 1995, p. 256).

Nonetheless, Eliade was not so stringent in her definition of “sacred space” and did not appear to be equally inclined towards Christianity. On the whole, however, “Tillich and Eliade understandably coincide in a broad way across the range of religious or theological perceptions” (Hummel, 1995, p. 256).

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