Sample Research Paper

It has been argued by Peiró, et al. (2004) that these are the CNVs that have been involved in various diseases as the neurological disorders and leukemia.  It has been researched that around 12% of the human genome is composed of the CNVs.  It is a higher number and these are thereby proposed to be involved in the human health.

In addition to this, it has been seen that these are the variants that are largely found within the protein-coding regions in the human genome and it is an established fact that the variations in the original protein coding sequence can cause changes in the protein structure thereby disturbing the original functioning of the protein leading to a disease or any other detrimental effect.

One of the main examples in this case as discussed by Redon, et al. (2006) is the breast cancer that is caused by the higher CNVs in the ERBB2 gene that is known to encode for the human epidermal growth factor. It has been observed that the higher copies of the gene have been associated with the aggressive forms of cancer.

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