Research Paper: Christopher Columbus

Sample Research Paper

Christopher Columbus was born inItaly. He spent his early years on the sea with sailors and in an early age set about learning astronomy and geography through his trips on the sea.  He was married to Felipa who came from an honorable family. After the birth of his son Diego, Felipa died and it was only then that he occupied himself with long voyages in the ocean and the thought that he could somehow reach India by sailing to the west. (Christopher Columbus in Spain 2002).In those times, it was necessary to receive the patronage of the monarchy for any journey and Christopher Columbus’s intended voyage was no different. He used the connections he had with the royal courts to request for sponsorship and patronage for such a journey, from the John II ofPortugal, but he was refused. Similarly, he applied for requests from the kings ofEnglandas well as fromFrancebut was refused. Therefore, he moved toSpainwith his son. He was a devout Christian and therefore quickly made connections in the church and the courts ofSpain.

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