Research Paper: Christianity and the Western civilization

Sample Research Paper

Christianity served as the basis for the development of the Western civilization after the fall of the great Roman Empire.  Furthermore, the Roman culture had merged with the pre-existing Germanic, Slavic and Celtic cultures.  These cultures had slowly blended with the Western culture mainly after the majority of the peoples representing these cultures had converted to Christianity (“Western Culture”).

   Although the Western civilization considers Christianity as a dominant force in its shaping or evolution, and even today most of the people of the West have Christian connections, the Western world generally does not use Christian laws in its courts of law.  In the United States – a genealogical, linguistical, philosophical, and cultural descendant of the good old West – a common law is used in courts that do not recognize differences in religion as decisive factors in fighting lawsuits.  The United States concerns itself with freedom of religion, instead, and would not give first place to the religion of its majority, that is, Christianity.

I would argue that it is the culture of Plato that has dictated the law in the courts of the Western world.  By speculation, and through philosophy, the United States has decided that it would judge cases by referring to freedom of religion.  No religion, in other words, would interfere with the law of the common folks.  This is the Western civilization’s stance, for sure.  The Western civilization is definitely the culture of the philosopher.

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