Sample Research Paper

The recent economic statistics point out that China has become world’s No. 2 economy, overshadowing Japan because of the Japanese economy’s ineffectual 0.4 percent growth in the subsequent quarter. By the end of 2010, The Chinese economy is expected to become better than Japan’s economy because of the vast variation in each country’s growth rates.China’s annual economic growth rate is about 10 percent whereas Japan’s economy is projected to grow at 3 percent. Japan has maintained the No. 2 position, next to the United States, since 1968, when it surpassed West Germany. Its economic marvel transformed into a big real estate boom in 1980’s before fragmenting in 1991. This was followed by a decade of dormant growth and financial despair. The country never recuperated from it (The Washington Post).

On the contrary, China has been experiencing rising economic growth rates and has emerged as the world’s exporting industrial unit. China is Japan’s top trading equal and has been vital in Japan’s revitalization from the global downturn.

Japan’s strong currency, the Yen, poses a threat to the country’s export-driven economy. Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda is closely examining the foreign exchange rates because of this threat (The Washington Post).

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