Research Paper: Child Development

Sample Research Paper

A child grows through a set of developmental components and moral development is a well-known and important one of those. Before we start talking about this article we need to clearly understand what moral development is?

“It is actually a set of appropriate attitudes and behaviors to distinguish wrong from right and act appropriately towards the society in accordance to the social and cultural norms”.(Krapp, K. and Cengage, J. W. 2008).

In this article ‘Laurence J. W., Karl H. H. & Tobias, K. (2000) Parents and Peer Contexts for children’s moral reasoning development. Child development Rev 2000; 71: 1033–1048.’ moral development/moral reasoning which is an important aspect of cognitive development of children has been studied very thoroughly with evidence-based explanations from the work of a number of psychologists on the basis of the theories designed for studying moral development in children.

“In the introduction part, this article mentions that some children show inappropriate moral growth in some instances and others show different which is showing a need for assessing the reasons to it” (Laurence J. W., Karl H. H. & Tobias, K. (2000). Moral development is a process of development and it continues the whole life it is not a fixed learning that would not change.

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