Sample Research Paper

Caring for a child is a genuine responsibility that parents cannot take lightly.  There are two main purposes of child care in the American family today: mother’s employment and the children’s development.  Parents demand affordable child care at the same time as they cannot afford to compromise on quality (Scarr, 1998, 95).

Given that a child’s development is of utmost importance to them, they must choose day care centers and/or child care providers with caution.  At the end of the day, the following two questions must be answered by the parents: Is our child doing alright in the day care center he has joined?  Is he safe with the child care provider we have found?

Any day care center or child care provider chosen by the parents must be fun, educational, and nurturing.  Almost seventy percent of American parents place their young children in some sort of daily care.  The media cannot be hushed, and neither new information about day care centers nor child care providers reaches parents all of the time.  Parents who are only now going to begin placing their children in some sort of daily care must think hard before they choose the next advertised day care center or follow the advice of the next person they meet at a social gathering.  Experts say that if a parent cannot be there for a child every hour of every day, he should know and trust that the people he chooses to care for his child are going to be there and to take over when the parent leaves off (Davis, 2005, 62).  But how should a parent begin to trust someone with his child?

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