Sample Research Paper

The characters of any novel reflect the attitudes and values held by the members of that generation. Each character takes shape from the writer’s personal ideas of the world around them. This is true of two publications, the romantic novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and the realistic play The Misanthrope by Moliere; both replicate the men and society of the time. Bronte’s hero Mr. Lockwood and Moliere’s hero Alceste are depicted as two strong men, each surviving as a unique individual,  albeit their strengths and flaws.

Mr. Lockwood has no first name while Alceste has no last. It is almost like the authors did not want their characters to be weighed down with intricacies like name and shape. Instead, they are described better with their willful acts and shrewd judgment as they perceive the world around them.

Both Lockwood and Alceste are men of high birth. Their opinions are judgment is a clear display of the life they have led and the families they have come from. This is evident in Mr. Lockwood’s description of his new quarters as he watches them with a cynical eye “nothing extraordinary as belonging to a homely northern farmer”(Bronte, p.5). In the same respect, Alceste claims that “such conduct cannot be excused; all men of honor must feel humiliated by it” (Moliere, p.3). In these very lines themselves, it is evident that both men are not only men of character and virtue but also vastly aware of their social upbringing and birth.

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