Sample Research Paper

Alex is a survivor in the truest and purest of sense. He knows that in a society like that, one must have to stay afloat even if the cost is making a raft out of the bodies of your comrades. It is something that he knows and admits by saying:

“Violence makes violence” . . . “if all you bastards are on the side of the Good then I’m glad I belong to the other shop.” (Burgess 98)

and this statement of his pretty much justifies that fact that his ferociousness is not innate. It is but a tough lesson he has learned that compels him to do the beating or be at the receiving end. He learns that he can either languish inside his room or he can own the streets at night, free and fearless. His violent tendencies are apropos to his visceral needs that demand liberation and freedom in an already claustrophobic and suffocating society. All he does and all he wants is freedom from the unseen chains and violence seems to be his only event.


Yet his vicious traits are nothing but a driving force for him as his penchant for classical music helps him to stay in touch with his inner and real self. He uses classical music as a tourniquet when too much violence makes his heart bleed but he, of course, refuse to bow down before his conscience and go all soft and ordinary. The fact that he relishes classical music albeit extremely contradictory to his demeanor is a testament that the war wages inside him and classical music seems to be the only thing that can mollify his internal turmoil. His random acts of violence can be attributed to the impulsiveness comes with his age.

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