Research Paper: Change in Elements of Identity Theft

Sample Research Paper

Changes in laws on identity theft in California have been absolutely imperative. The case of Choice Point opened the eyes of policy makers and drawn their attention towards promulgation of stricter litigation. Providing protection to the public is a responsibility of, both, the law enforcing elements of the state as well as the governmental and privately-owned organizations. (Gerard, Hillison & Pacini, 2004).

The two new rulings have unambiguous clauses which are specific to the leakage of confidential and personal information of customers to third parties. Some organizations have been selling customer information to third parties.

The crime of identity theft is rising. It is causing great concern for the society and authorities. New, stringent laws have been passed to curb this evil. Organizations having customer data are accountable and responsible for the information they hold. They cannot pass on or sell information without the consent of the customers. The customers are custodians of their information and required in their best interest to provide only essential information.

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