Research Paper: Cell phone usage

Sample Research Paper

Cell phone usage has exponentially increased in the past decade. The wireless connectivity, as well as the multiple facilities provided by the cell phones, has made them immensely popular. The cell phones have now become not just means of communication for people, but more like personal storage and computing devices which can be used to perform multiple activities and functions. On the other hand, the increase in the cell phone usage has had an adverse effect on the driving on the roads.

People want to be able to constantly be in touch with their work and family, as a result they tend to use the cell phones in their cars while driving. This phenomenon, however, has made the number of accidents resulting in death and injury due to the usage of a cell phone while driving increased multiple folds. This paper, as a result, talks about the disadvantages of using a cell phone while driving and how it can result in a higher rate of accident rate in the region.

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