Research Paper: Casablanca; A Brief Introduction

Sample Research Paper

Casablanca is U. S made film Written by Julius & Philip Epstein Based on a Play by Murray Burnett & Joan Alison, 1942. The film was directed by Michael Curtiz and won three Academy award including the best picture award.The movie focuses on a man torn between love and virtue. He has to make choices between his love for a lady and her husband who is in need of help. It is a war propaganda film, showing that U.S.A. is the destination of hope in the world engulfed by war. The main theme of the movie is the personal transformation of the main character named Rick Blaine. At the beginning of the film, the man is shown as selfish American who has no political loyalties and decided not to participate in the political conspiracies occurring in Casablanca. But as the movie proceeds, Rick Blaine is shown to be a man who can risk anything for love and honor and sacrifices his happiness as well.

All the three main characters of Victor Lazlo, a political leader having devoted love for his wife Ilsa Lund, who loves a third person named Rick Blaine have best expressed the self-sacrifice for each other. The devoted love of both men for the same lady formed a love triangle in the story. This love triangle brought unhappiness and loss for all three characters.  The prominent themes of unhappy love and self-sacrifice shown in the film set it different.

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