Research Paper: ‘Why Different is better’ (Carroll)

Sample Research Paper

At Anglo, where CEOs have traditionally been male and South African, Carroll is neither and thus, even more different than she was at previous jobs, which she believes is a plus point due the fresh perspective that she would bring to Anglo, as well as an indication of the modern stance of the board of directors of a company which is operating in an industry which is considered conservative.

At Anglo where the top concern is to optimally exploit its strengths worldwide so as to become global in its outlook, Carroll believes that past experience in similar situations, for example at Alcan’s joint venture in China when she was the managing director of its Ireland business makes her a competent person for the position of CEO.

Only a few years ago, roughly four-fifths of the Canadian aluminum company (of whoseIrelandbusiness she was managing director at that time) Alcan’s metal asset centers were concentrated inCanada, while currently the same is sprawled over 20 countries, in many of which Alcan had no prior experience.

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