Research Paper: A Book by William Julius

Sample Research Paper

In his book, does not just try to highlight the problem of lack of jobs available and their effects on the society, he attempts to change the situation by offering solutions at the policy-making level. Wilson hypothesized that the inner city families which are mostly African-Americans are high poverty families and are at the center of our social and economic problems.High levels of poverty, lack of education and lack of jobs leads to desperation. The crime rates increase, violence and drugs increase businesses pack up and head towards more economically viable areas. This has a spiral effect as employment rates further fall due to reduced business and commercial activities. The black and white blue collar families move to safer and more family oriented suburbs. The children living in the ghettos do not receive an education of the same quality as the children of the suburbs. This leads to reduced quality workforce for the future generations. Less skilled workers, larger and younger single parent families, and anti-social environment are the compound result.

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