Research Paper: Black movements in America

Sample Research Paper

Black movements challenging the segregation, lack of economic opportunities grew. National association for the advancement of colored people (NAACP) was born. Movements such as NAACP urged colored people not only to seek refuge and protection from the government also to become proactive themselves and defend themselves and retaliate against the injustices and the attacks of the whites.

Youths joined in great numbers to these movements. Anne moody also talked about joining civil rights movement NAACP against her mother’s will (2). Angry and bloody riots began afterward inChicagoandMississippias people grew dissatisfied with the passive approach of some of the civil rights movements, towards the situation. Anne moody described how uncertain she became of the direction of martin Luther king Jr’s movement after she heard the speech ‘I have a dream’ inWashington. She felt that these people did not realize the poverty situation of the colored people (2).

The World War 1 was followed by years of repression. The economy was not moving forward. The blame for all the troubles was given to immigration. The blame for the radicalization of the society was also given to the immigration. The south of the country saw the reorganization of the Ku Klux Klan after the war. They blamed the blacks and other foreigners for all the ills of the society at the time. The Klan started from the south and gained influence in some of the central parts of the country. The image shown in Brinkley’s book (3) shows the Klan members marching onPennsylvania AvenueinWashington, holding the American flag.

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