Research Paper: Behavioral Styles

Sample Research Paper

The study of human behavior is rather challenging owing to the fact that behavior is complexly dynamic. The styles of attitudes and approach towards behavior are influenced by several factors such as the environment, society, culture, religious affiliations, education, and family traditions and background.

As circumstances vary, an individual assumes a behavioral style accordingly. It is likely that an individual takes on two or more behavioral styles at the same time or takes up a hybrid style which is a combination of two or more styles.

The versatility in behavioral styles is growing with the fast-moving world. Individuals assume various roles, interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and are required to work as members of cross-functional teams in organizations. Today, as increasing emphasis is placed on employee empowerment and “organizational effectiveness”, the concept of working in teams is on the rise. As the “more we try to work as a team, the more important it becomes to recognize that people exhibit different behavioral styles” (Chaneski, 2006).

The individuals possessing different styles of behavior portray certain characteristics associated with their particular styles. However, it is unlikely that “that all people of a particular behavioral style exhibit all of the characteristics portrayed” (Chaneski, 2006). These characteristics. as well as, the elements of communication mutually impact each other

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