Research Paper: Behavior Skills for Sex Education

Sample Research Paper

In particular, scholars have chosen the Information-Motivation-Behavior Skills (IMB) model for this purpose.  This model is based on an analysis and integration of theory and research in the social psychology and health psychology literature. It focuses comprehensively on the set of informational, motivational, and behavioral skill factors that are conceptually and empirically associated with the performance of sex-related problem-prevention and wellness promotion behaviors (Fisher and Fisher).

Research has shown that the IMB model is successful in predicting diverse sex-related preventive practices across populations at risk.  Moreover, intervention research based on this model has produced significant and sustained reductions in sex-related risk behaviors over time and across populations.  It is for these reasons that the IMB model appears to researchers as a sound conceptual and practical basis for the development of a theoretically based, Internet-driven approach to sex education.  Also according to this model, the learning of sexuality-driven information that is directly related to sexual problem-prevention or sexual well-being promotion is a prerequisite to action in these areas.  As an example, HIV-related information that is closely relevant to sexual problem prevention might include facts about HIV that may facilitate preventive behavior performance.

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