Research Paper: Art direction and design; Lord of the Rings

Sample Research Paper

Root out The Lord of the Rings is about the heroic struggle of good against evil having spirituality for fellowship. It is a reflection of the authenticity of human searching for the solution of bad deeds through serving others. The movie brings hope out of the darkness and gets rid of evil in the heart.

The central theme of the ring is a symbol for greed, power and personal gain, and the struggle against all these. Designing the structure of the movie started in 1997 and was directed by Peter Jackson. Lord of the Rings was commented to be the most determined movie ever made.

The director requires reality and real life influences to Middle-earth in the movie. For this purpose, he designed a Weta Workshop for the creation of various pieces of weapons, armors, costume, and historically influenced set. For visual effects, a lipstick camera was used and computer animations were given for the battle sequence. The whole team worked on designs for architecture as they wanted realism and historical regard for the fantasy. Art director scouts locations and organized buildings of the set considering the presentation of nature such as taking plants from Edoras location into a nursery which at times helped in molding shapes of real rocks and bark.

Glimpses of several cultural stories of Middle-earth had to be shown in the movie. For this purpose, fictional histories had to be presented within the change of armor. Due to shooting schedule at extensive scale, many versions of each costume had to be made. The release of the film saw a rush of interest and Peter Jackson, in particular, was admired for the courage to take such an immense challenge and producing a masterpiece of the history.

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