Research Paper: Arguments on Nietzsche’s philosophy

Sample Research Paper

It has been argued that there are many conceptions to which the links have been made by Nietzsche and these include the ancient cyclical conceptions of time especially the ones that have been used by the Pythagorians in Untimely Meditations.It has been added by the critics that the idea of the eternal return must have been adopted by Nietzsche by reading the works of Heinrich Heine. It has been written by him that the time is an infinite factor but the things in time as the concrete bodies are the ones that are regarded as finite. These concrete elements might break down into their smaller components but indeed these are the particles that have there definite and a specific compositions, definite numbers and the specific number of configurations that are formed out of these particles are the ones that are also determinate.

In its answer, the idea that has been given by Nietzsche is that the wish of the return of all the eternal events is the one that can have a mark on the complete affirmation that is related to the life. Nietzsche adds that the in order to comprehend the recurrence of the eternal thought and to embrace the idea of the eternal recurrence there is a requirement of the love of fate and this is the idea that has been strongly argued by Nietzsche.

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