Sample Research Paper

The Internet browser market is said to be able to allow only one or two large companies anyhow (Krugman).  Moreover, the cost of developing software is generally very high, and so any company that decides to join the market would want to make a profit by selling a high price later (“Microsoft”).  To put it another way, the market that Microsoft is dealing with is protected by an insurmountable entry barrier that is specific to the digital age, even though the district court and the appeals court agreed that when they considered the Microsoft case, the company’s market share of the operating system market was no less than eighty percent and could exceed ninety five percent (Mckenzie).

     The Microsoft case had been pressed by the company’s key competitors, including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, AT&T, and IBM.  All the same, the case was not supported at all by many consumers of the software products.  This was indeed ironic – at the time when Microsoft was constantly being called the world’s greatest and most destructive of monopolies, the majority of consumers tended to side with the company, being hostile to the government’s side of the case.  Microsoft did not meet the bad monopolist’s description, it seemed; neither did the company behave as a monopolist according to the conventional theory of monopolies. 

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