Research Paper: Alcohol consumption and its damages

The consumption of alcohol is highly addictive. In the initial stages, people fail to realize the hazards of alcohol consumption. It increases the level of depression and reduces the standard of mental functions. The human mind responds and reacts at a much slower rate.  Why do people consume alcohol even when its damages are so apparent?  Most people are casual drinkers initially. They gulp down a few pegs when they go for parties or to a get together.  Some people start drinking due to peer pressure and gradually this becomes a regular habit.

Regular alcohol consumption gives birth to a number of medical problems including high blood pressure and cardiac complications.  People who drink regularly get subjected to heart attacks more often. In severe cases, it can even result in paralysis or death.

When a person consumes large quantities of alcohol, his consciousness starts fading out. This habit can even cost you the life of people who are travelling with you. A lot of countries have very strict punishments for drinking and driving. Apart from accidental deaths, a lot of people die due to medical complications.

The intake of alcohol affects the liver and it stops functioning properly. In addition to that, the body starts swelling and there is an increase in weight. Getting rid of this habit is tough but not impossible.  A lot of rehabilitation centers are working efficiently to provide help related to this issue.

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