Research Paper on HIV

Sample Research Paper

Barbara, G., Karen, G., Paul, V., & John, S. ( 1998). Perceptions of healthcare professionals and patients about the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex: a qualitative study. University of California San Francisco, 1001 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA. . Received 17 March 1998; received in revised form 30 September 1998; accepted 20 October 1998

The purpose of the study was to explore experiences, beliefs, and practices of health care professionals and HIV-seropositive patients in the context of HIV-transmission prevention counseling.  The purpose was also to find out a vast range of sexual behavior or practices in that population.

Researcher are justified in carrying this research study because though the risk though oral sex is minimal, but it is there so it has to be taken care of. Since other STDs are proven to be transmitted through oral sex, and this is also proven that ulcers created by other STDs increase the chances of HIV transmission through mucosal surfaces so it better to be careful rather than just ignoring this fact. This study is helping give importance to this issue by probing people thinking about these issues indirectly

The study design that has been used is the qualitative study which is to ascertain the nature of risk, attitude, and perception but not exactly the amount of them. This was the most appropriate study design for this study questions because this was an easy way of assessing the perception of the study population.

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