Research Paper on Computed Tomography Scans

Sample Research Paper

The purpose of this study was to investigate the frequency of CT scan use and indications for its use.  The aim further was to investigate the frequency of detection of abnormal intracranial findings and its influence in altering the course of management in the patient. A nested cohort study was conducted on a previous prospective study of geriatric patients.

Patients who had undergone a CT scan upon admission or during hospitalization were admitted to the study. Indications for the scans were recorded and data extracted from the CT scans of positive findings. Records were also reviewed to note if there were any alterations to the treatments after administration of the CT scans. The positive predictive factors that are associated with positive findings on the CT scan, according to the study included males, aged 80 years, non-white race. Indicators also included patients who were delirious or had a history of delirium, alcohol and cigarette use, fever above 101.5F, had a fall or syncope.

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