Writing a capstone paper at the end of the college year can really be a daunting task for many students. The reason a capstone paper is so difficult to write is because it is very lengthy and requires a lot of hard work. It covers everything that has been studied in college and can be highly rewarding if taken seriously. Students face lots of difficulties when it comes to writing capstone papers. Since it is an integral part of college graduation it has to be done and there is no way a student can avoid writing a capstone paper. The purpose of this article is to provide you some reasons as to what kinds of difficulties students come across when writing capstone papers. Below are some very useful points for you to consider.

More Expectations

Since a capstone paper is written in the final year professors expect more from their students. The is no room for making silly mistakes that students often make during the initial year of their college studies when writing term papers and research papers. The burden of too many expectations makes students more tensed and they are likely to lose their path when writing a capstone paper.

It is Very Lengthy

To call a capstone paper, a college thesis project would not be wrong because it is very lengthy just like a thesis. It consists of hundred pages and requires extensive research work in nearly all the areas that a student has studied so far.

The college graduation of a student depends on how well he/she writes a capstone project. If a student fails to come up with something rational and immaculate than chances are he/she will not be rewarded a degree and may have to repeat the entire year.

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