With the rise in educational needs and the increase of academic paper writing in educational institutes, there has been a rise in plagiarism reported in various parts of the world. Students are caught plagiarizing in their academic papers and they are charged with heavy penalties and punishments for committing this crime.

Plagiarism is of two types; intentional and unintentional. When students plagiarize intentionally just to get their work done without any serious efforts, they are entitled to punishments accordingly. However, issues arise when students are caught for plagiarizing but they do not actually intend to plagiarize in their paper. A large number of students around the world complain that they are unaware of how to prevent plagiarism in academic papers, and they do their best to complete the academic papers on their own yet they are caught for plagiarizing.

To solve this issue to some extent, awareness programs and sessions are conducted at various educational institutes around the world on ‘how to prevent plagiarism in academic papers’, but still it is not sufficient to guide the students for proper measures to be taken in order to write academic papers free of plagiarism.

Theoretically describing the tactics to prevent plagiarism is to:

  • Cite the sources of information properly.
  • Mark the quoted words with quotation marks.
  • Avoid copy-paste of the words from the source and use your own vocabulary.
  • Do not copy large content or paragraphs even if you cite them, this also counts in plagiarism.
  • Do not follow the same sequence of a point given in the source.

This sort of information is available in detail in various articles at hundreds of websites. But this usually doesn’t work. Students have a number of questions in their minds even if they read these techniques in detail.

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