If you do not mention all your online and offline resources in the dissertation bibliography section, the advisor will not grant a healthy score to your assignment. Why is preparing a dissertation bibliography so important?  Let me give the answer to this question in simple terms. When you are using something which is owned by someone else, you need to give credit. Same is the case with a bibliography.  For every academic assignment, you have to go through books, journals, magazines and various other material categories. Hence, you need to give credit to the author who has worked hard on the book or journal. Even online resources need to be mentioned.

The format of the bibliography is standard. You need to insert the parameters according to your resource.  Some details which need to be mentioned include the author name, year of publication and title of the book. The order of these details is same for every assignment but varies with the citation style. For example, the dissertation bibliography layout for the MLA format will not be the same as the APA format.  There is another purpose attached with this part of the assignment. When your paper is being checked, everything is scrutinized including the standard of your material. For this purpose, the review would go through the books which have been used. To check the resources, he would go through the bibliography section. This chapter is compiled when you have completed all the other chapters of the paper. This is because when you have compiled all the parts, you have a clear picture of all the sources which have been used.  In some cases, you have to use a minimum number of sources to gather content.  Do not ignore the bibliography and leave it for the last day. Like all the other components of the assignment, you need to proofread and check it as well.  Once you have compiled all the resources, get the bibliography approved by your advisor. If you do not have any previous experience of dissertation writing, contacting a professional writing team would be better for you.

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