Sample Essay

During our training, it was all the components of learning theory working at us which included “positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, and even extinction” (Bandura, 1997) at time to get a more sophisticated and a more practical product. This whole of 3-4 years were basically learning new tasks all the time and conditioning of the learned behaviors. In the next year which was our final year of medical school things got more specific and our teaching became more focused and then it turned more into shaping of the already learnt behaviors, continuity of reinforcement of already learnt thought or tasks and there was partial reinforcement for some of the learnt behaviors.

In the whole learning process, which is a generalized process for the entire learners, some learn better and some do not for the reason that expectancy level is different from different individuals and reinforcement values are anticipated differently by different people. All of these concepts make the learning firmer and more beneficial to some people but not the same to others. In the learning process or personality building up a few factors play a key role, factors like religion, race, culture, family, and gender difference play a very important role. If I particularly take my example I had a drastic change in my cultural norms and my social gathering. I had never got into interaction with opposite gender which was a big difference to me. And out of my own experience I have come to know that one learns better from the opposite gender due to a number of reasons which still needs to be researched.

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