A Narrative Story

Sample Narrative Story

Keeping myself cool everyday and reminding myself her position and my obligations to maintain a due respect for her I kept reminding the importance of her position to myself and that kept me going without feeling bad about myself and she was also got ready to think about her attitude and finally got ready to accept my viewpoint and that made me feel that since I kept respecting our relationship throughout she also prepared herself to sit down with me listen to what I had to say and was finally able to agree with me. At this point in time, I just wanted her to accept her mistake that she was supposed to read my application and respond to me in that week’s time.

       Emotionalism is an enemy of wisdom. Most of the time one gets to the more emotional side of life and losses to reason so if we conclude one should not get emotional to maintain reasoning but then the next thing comes what if emotionalism might be carrying a lot of value to our life? This is true without emotionalism there is no taste to life we can take an example of a husband that is very nice, very caring. He is spending all his energy to earn for his family, is buying them everything before the wife even demands it. He takes her out to have fun on every weekend but on the other hand when it comes to expressing his emotions he is flat he would not say a word about it. In his love relationship with his wife, he will never get the satisfaction of a satisfactory life why? Because he is lacking in a very important aspect of a happy life and that is emotionalism.

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