A Narrative Essay

Sample Essay

Over the past 5 years in the first year I wanted to wear a white coat, carry a stethoscope with me and to act like a doctor but it was a lot of studying all the time and nothing like I was presuming. Then in the second year I started realizing that to get to a position to start seeing the patient, relieve their pain, and put them at ease I needed to put a lot more efforts in studying. This way I kept studying 2 years with all my focus on my studies and very less social interaction.

This was a change in my personality, my behavior turned so different that it started getting manifested on my family and friends. I was becoming more mature, more serious, more professional and more focused. Since I had left a village and had gone to a city that had a totally different set of values, and attitudes so along with my focus on my professional study I also had to cope with a drastic change of my social life and my social circle. When I saw a good outcome of my daily efforts it was a positive reinforcement for me to keep that up. Through my performance and out of my results and the overall gain I was having out of the whole change in me was like an incentive for me and this “utilitarianism” (Bandura,1997) of it at my new place for the achievement of my established goal. With the passage of time, I learnt that hard work was associated with happiness and that “associationism” (Bandura,  1997) brought continuity in my efforts.

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