Narrative Essay on My Philosophy

Sample Essay

The overriding values that integrate the many facets of who I am today I can easily describe as the following: (1) My love of truth and everything that stems from it, for example, loyalty and righteousness; (2) My desire for knowledge; and (3) My desire for peace that compels me somehow to do away with relationships that feel as though they would not be fruitful for anybody in the long run.

In this regard, I am sure that I would eventually want to work as a peacemaker in some respect, even if it only means that I will be making peace among good family members or friends.  I trust that my desire for peace is of real importance in my life, and it actually stems from my love of truth and honesty.  I know that it is only the dishonest that are acting as troublemakers in our world.  I would like to somehow gather the good people together so as to make them a stronger and more powerful force in the world.  This desire on my part, even if it is only fulfilled within my family circle or among my friends, should help put an end to the pollution spread by the troublemakers in the world in one way or another.  My foundational principles, based on truth and all that stems from it, are to learn as much as I can about the value of truth, and to impart that knowledge not only with words but also by my actions in order to put things right for myself and others.  I must not give up, I believe, and I must not give in to injustice and all that is related to it, for example, lack of peace and sanity in countless parts of my world

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