Narrative Essay on Personal Values

Sample Research Paper

I am highly grateful that I have met a diversity of people throughout my lifetime, and especially at college.  Most of the people that I have come across seem to have values far different from mine even if they believe in my values in the very core of their being.  Thus, another very important thing that I have learned is that no matter what people believe in, I am held accountable for my own words, actions, and emotions.

They cannot always protect me from the dangers of bad events, just as I am not always there for them either.  Hence, my meaning of life must be different from theirs.  I do not believe in over dependence on people and it is ludicrous, in my opinion, to imagine that the best of my friends will always be there for me.  Through trials and errors, good and bad, we have all found our individual meaning of life – each one of us has.  We discuss our values with each other, yet we have our own defining core – each one of us – that cannot be intermingled.

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