Narrative Essay on Religious Opinions

Sample Essay

I believe that Jesus Christ was right when he informed us through his disciples that the spirit of God resides in each one of us.  This spirit is capable of everything and all-powerful since God is the only real.  Human beings are here today, gone tomorrow.  The mere realization that this is in fact reality could help solve all problems of the world.  I trust that even one person who realizes this to the fullest extent possible – by concentrating on reality, no doubt – could act as the savior of mankind.

     I have come to trust the facts that quantum physics has imparted in our day.  While God is the only real and resides in each one of us, the external reality can be described in two words: empty space.  Science has revealed that we cannot be sure about the nature of matter.  Hence, the world and everything in it must be an illusion of some sort.  This illusion is not created for mere amusement by God.  Rather, it is there to reveal the truth to us in all its forms.  My reality in this world ends the day I die.  I leave everything behind that I imagined was solid and real.  I go to meet my Maker at this time, and He tells me the truth behind the illusion that He created for me in particular.

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