A Narration on Western Civilization

Sample Narrative Story

While conducting research on definitions of the Western civilization in an effort to concoct my own, I ran into one that said that the Western civilization is defined by its emphasis on individual responsibility.  I would argue that individual responsibility is also a feature stressed in the Eastern world, particularly the Buddhist culture and the Muslim world.  Yet another definition I found circulating on the Internet was given by Mr. Gandhi ofIndia.  When asked what he thought of the Western civilization, the man replied that he thought it was a good idea!

     There are many books that have attempted to find a coherent definition of the Western civilization.  Once again, on the Internet I found the following definition:

Western culture or Western civilization is a term used to refer to the cultures of the people of European origin and their descendants.  It comprises the broad heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs (such as religious beliefs) and specific artifacts and technologies as shared within the Western sphere of influence.  The term “Western” is often used in contrast to Asian, African, or Arab nations (“Western Culture,” 2006).

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