Sample Review Paper

The movie brings into limelight the prejudice and discrimination held among the culturally and socially diverse groups residing in New York. The film aims to draw a line of dissimilarity between the commonly held racist beliefs and the real-life biases which occur. It basically highlights the problems of class and race in the urban centers of United States.

The story of the movie revolves around Raskin’s, a family-owned diner, which needs to be closed down in order to avoid excessive costs. The reason for the rising expenses is that the entire locality where the restaurant was situated was undergoing gentrification. Ira, the Jewish owner, had decided to end the business. The film portrays well the reaction, anguish and the ordeal which the employees of the diner experience when the owner relates the depressing news of shutting down Raskin’s to them. Socioeconomic problems which were likely to arise and disrupt the lives of the employees at the restaurant are very well portrayed in the film.

These socioeconomic problems combined with anxiety and frustration led to a conflict between the restaurant’s white cashier and the African American activist. The remarkable scene is when the African American activist vehemently puts forward the bitter reality of racism and classicism.  The movie shows the outcasts or the pariahs who are victims of the society’s prejudice and biases suffer the most when the privileged class gentrifies the locality where Raskin’s is located.

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