Movie Review: In the Bedroom

Sample Review Paper

On its release, Todd Field was admired for his best direction and performances because after paying attention, one comes to know that the story end where it should be. Like most of real life tragedies, there were several contributing factors which compel Matt and Ruth to take revenge like murder of their son and then unable to get justice from legal ways.  The film’s central theme is its title which refers to the interior of lobster trap. The director shows that the trap cannot accommodate more than two lobsters, whenever the third one comes in, the trap hacks it into pieces and kills it.  In both the cases of killing, Richard kills Frank as he could not bear sharing of his wife with another man and Matt kills Richard just because both the parents could not see the murderer of their son moving in the same town. Richard’s existence made them irritated and led to revenge. They were stuck to an emotional trap having belief that killing of the murderer will free them from the state of revenge.

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