Essay writing is an important task in academic writing requirements. Students at high schools, colleges, and universities are given essay writing assignments so they apply their knowledge in analyzing the topic and describing it in their own words. This helps the teachers and instructors to evaluate each student’s performance and level of understanding.

It is observed that most of the times students at initial levels are not guided for the important steps to an essay in a proper manner. Students write their essays in a disorganized way and fill the content with irrelevant information. This leads to loss of marks in the assignments and ultimately loss of final grades.

In order to help students for this problem, here are a few important steps to writing essay:

A selection of topic: To select an appropriate topic is the first task to be done.  A topic vague or irrelevant to the subject leads to the waste of the entire essay writing efforts, because unless the topic is not correct, the essay would not be written correctly. Narrow down the topic to a specific one so that it keeps the reader focused on one point.

Finding information: To search for the important information is the second task to be done. Read through books, articles, newspapers, journals, websites and other important sources and gather information about the topic.

Filtering the information: From the bulk of information gathered, filter out the relevant points which are suitable to write the essay. Highlight them or write on a notebook for further use.

Write the draft: It is always a good habit to write the draft of the essay. It reduces the chances of error in the essay. Use the points you have gathered to write the essay. Arrange the points in a sequence, read them carefully, and write what comes in your mind.

Revision of draft: Revise the draft you have written and make changes where required. Read it a few times to make sure it is accurate, free of errors and having correct vocabulary.

Write the final essay: Finally, write the essay with proper citation and instructions given by the teacher. Read it for satisfaction that the essay written is exactly what is required by the teacher.

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