Why are essays given for assignments in colleges? Students do not like writing essays and at the same time they are given bundles of assignments for different subjects to be written within the given period of time. Above that, the teachers also want well-written content, or otherwise the grades are put to the stake. But the question is why are essays given for assignments?

This is the question most of the students have. Unless they are not aware of the importance of essay writing they will not be able to put their honest efforts into it. Students do not like lengthy writing assignments and reading materials. They escape from these obligations because they want to enjoy life rather than sitting at home doing college assignments. These desires are good at their place, but for making themselves competitive for future, they have to study the way their teachers want them to.

The importance of essay writing cannot be explained just in one article. It is a vast discussion. But briefly it could be explained in this way that essay writing assignments enable students to enhance their knowledge about the subject and improve their writing expertise. The more a student reads about the subject, the more he/she knows about it. Teachers give essay writing assignments to students on different important topics so that they acquire knowledge about that particular area by their own and present it in a formal written content. This way there are several skills built in the student.

One is that for acquiring knowledge the student will look up into different books and internet for the information required. This way he/she will know how to gather data and do the literature’s review.

Second is that by reading the information the student improves the reading skills and speed. Along with that, it becomes easier for the student to extract the important information from the bulk. This practice would be widely useful in a career later on.

Finally, when the student writes the essay, the writing skills are improved. Writing an academic paper with the proper citation and in a formal format is not an easy task, but with practice it is developed in the students, which is the ultimate goal of a teacher.

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