Ideas for Writing Psychology Essays

Psychology is an interesting subject to study as it comprises the study of human mind and how it functions. Topics like dreaming, learning, memory, intelligence and motivation are one of the most common while studying psychology. Psychology can be a very handy subject because it can teach you to study human behavior. You can closely study the behavior of people you interact with on a daily basis. You can reason and analyze as to why people behave in a certain manner. What motivates them to behave in a certain way? Writing essays on psychology can be a bit challenging because of its vast nature. There are so many branches of psychology that it can become difficult at times to select a topic. The purpose of this article is to exactly provide you useful guidance as to how you can choose a psychology topic. Please read further to find out different ideas for writing psychology essays.

Abnormal Psychology

This field of psychology mainly deals with the different kinds of mental ailments. Some of the most common mental illnesses are Alzheimer’s, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and social anxiety disorder. You can select one particular mental illness and write an essay. Writing on different illnesses can make the essay too general and you should write something specific. For instance, you can opt to write on major depressive disorder and you can write about as to whether this disease is inherited or certain environmental factors cause it. Who are the people who are at risk? What are the initial symptoms? What can happen if this disease is left untreated? How it can be cured? You can also study a case. You can study someone who is suffering from this disease.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology deals with the study of the behavior of criminals. Why criminals behave the way they behave? What makes people a criminal? You can study a particular serial killer with a criminal mindset. For instance, you can write about Ted Bundy who was a very popular serial killer. He murdered several young women. Although he seemed a normal person functioning in the society but he had a dark side of his personality which was hidden from the society.