It is vital to understand that choosing appropriate software that meets business requirements is highly critical and, hence, the process is divided into two steps. In the first step, key attributes and characters will be identified. In the second step, the software will be selected based on the features and requirements identified in the initial step.

An additional thought while identifying suitable software is that there can be an increase in the number of employee using technology at the same time. For instance, when the new software is developed and integrated into the process, the firm may have to increase the number of sales representatives in order to provide quality services to the increased number of online customers.

The accounting systems chosen must provide retail pricing for eight basic units including systems management, accounts payable, order entry, general ledger, inventory management, job costing and accounts receivables. Hence, these modules can be utilized by employees in 5, 10, 2 or 100 numbers. When there will be growth through online platforms, the company will need more employees in addition to a scalable database that is capable of recording information and order specifications simultaneously. It may lead to increased costs of implementation and may also affect implementation and support variables.

Thus, it is essential for the owners of the company to plan and develop a business strategy, which is capable of meeting the needs of to next five years rather than just identifying current business requirements that lead to the implementation of the accounting system. Moreover, Iflexion should also assess any kind of potential acquisitions or activities, relationships with customers and suppliers and strategic moves used by its competitors. In addition, the company must analyze technological advancements linked to EDI, warehousing data and client-server data. Most importantly, the owners of Iflexion must keep analyzing changing consumer trends while reviewing inventory levels and order statuses.

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