Chemistry is a subject with numerous branches. Every natural element which is a part of the earth’s crust has a certain set of qualities.  In other words, each natural existence has certain benefits attached with it. We can take the example of Sodium. The element is highly reactive as a metal and is used inedible salt as well.  A compound is very different from an element. This is because it is a combination and does not carry a lonely existence.

 In other words, you will not find an element if a certain part of the earth is explored.  Compounds are developed after a chemical reaction between elements. These experiments are not conducted in open air and require a proper laboratory with essential security requirements. The fumes produced after these reactions can be very harmful to the human health. Thus, lab workers keep their faces covered at all times. They wear proper clothes so that the skin does not get harmed if a liquid splashes. This is an important point for your chemistry research paper.

The three basic components which form an element are protons, neutrons, and electrons. An electron has a negative charge while protons and neutrons have positive and neutral charges respectively.  The total number of protons and electrons is called the atomic number. Similarly, the protons and neutrons sum up to produce the atomic mass.  These are some concepts which would help you if you are completing your majors in chemistry.

Another thing which you need to be good at is the periodic table of elements. This is a complete chart showing the atomic number, atomic mass and reactivity rate of each element. It would help you if you are talking about a particular element or performing a comparison between two of them.  It is important to provide a snapshot of the periodic table of elements in the chemistry research paper.

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