With the rapid rise in technology, the access to literature has become easier. Along with that, the educational requirements have also increased, especially at higher levels (colleges and professional degree programs). The academic papers written at the higher levels of education require detailed study and research before they are written so that students come up with updated information and fresh insight of the topics assigned. But usually students face troubles in completing their academic papers because they are unaware of how to find a good literature for study.

In almost all fields of education, students are found using their textbooks as the source of information for their academic paper writing. Although it is preferred to refer the course books for the topics, but this also leads to similarities and monotonous type of work done by almost all the students of a class. This kind of work is not really appreciated by the teachers because what teachers expect is that students do research on the topics and come up with different  ideas of the own and their unique academic papers.

In order to write the academic papers in a unique way, this article will help you how to find a good literature for study so that you write academic papers more proficiently and get admired by the teacher.

Do not stick to the course books. Refer to other sources as well. First of all see what your topic is and what type of information do you require. Make a list of keywords which are related to the topic. Your keywords will help you find a god literature to read.

Visit the library and find some books related to the topic. Search for the information given and make a list of some important points you find in them. It is more appropriate to read the articles and journals on the topic because they have more updated information as compared to books. The books tell more of a theoretical aspect, whereas, the articles and journals written on a topic give practical implication on that topic.

Use your keywords to search on the internet. You will also find much of irrelevant information or repetitive information, but by changing the keywords each time you will have something different and interesting to fill the content of the academic paper.

By this article on “how to find a good literature review for study” you must have gained some knowledge on literature review.

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